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Rondo Ruined

Rajon Rondo will miss the remainder of the NBA season through injury

Rajon Rondo will miss the remainder of the NBA season through injury

Star Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo will miss the remainder of the NBA season and part of next season after tearing an ACL in his teams double overtime win against the Miami Heat today. The win snapped a six game losing streak for the Celtics, who currently sit in eighth spot in the Eastern Conference.

Rondo, dressed in street clothes, greeted his teammates as they walked towards the locker room after the big win against the first placed Heat. He suffered the injury during the Celtics double-overtime loss to Atlanta on Saturday in which the Celtics blew a 27 point lead. He then arrived at TD Garden before the game against the Heat, but was forced to go to hospital after suffering pain.

Surgery had not been scheduled as of Monday afternoon, said team spokesman Brian Olive, who confirmed that Rondo’s season was over.

Rondo was a real leader for the Celtics this year as he averaged 13.7 points per game to go along with 11.1 assists per game and 5.6 rebounds per game.

Avery Bradley started as the point guard against the Heat with Courtney Lee moving into the starting five. Expect something similar for the remainder of the season, and then the Celtics to be active to begin the 2013-14 season.

Boston look as though they will now struggle to make the playoffs with Philadelphia three games back. However, if Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce can continue to score, and Courtney Lee provides around 10 points per game, they may be able to hold off the remainder of the competition.

The Celtics next game is at home against Sacramento on Thursday.

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